Home Tap Studio Starter Package:  Portable Tap Floor + 2 Videos + User Guides

Home Tap Studio Starter Package: Portable Tap Floor + 2 Videos + User Guides

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Buy a starter home tap dance kit that provides you with YEARS of tap dance lessons for a FRACTION OF THE COST!!

$230 → $199.95 (save 15%)

Our “technique combo” Videos: Vol 1 (Basic) & Vol 2 (Intermediate)
Vol 1& 2 User Guides / Tap Glossaries +
Home/Portable Dance Floor (30″×48″) +
Free U.S. Shipping!


Vol 1: Basic
Vol 2: Intermediate
(YOUR CHOICE OF FORMAT:  DVD -or- Instant Digital Versions (.mov AND private YouTube links)


User Guides / Tap Glossaries:
These e-book guides were created at the request of many students to go with the DVDs. Each step in the DVD is broken down in written form and commented on. The counts for various exercises are written out. The tap Glossary is an alphabetized listing of each step in video, complete with concise definition and proper musical counts. Each user guide is 20-30 pages long and is delivered in electronic form (.pdf format). See the bottom of this page for more info about the user guides.


Perfect Portable Dance Floor (30"x 48")
With this 30″ × 48″ Perfect Portable Tap Floor you will be able to practice your tap steps & routines anywhere, whether it be your living room, garage, or fitness center in your apartment complex. It can also act as your personal performance stage allowing you to carry the joy of tap dancing into more venues than ever before.

If you are serious about becoming a better tap dancer, you need this floor. The price includes direct shipping from the manufacturer to anywhere in the lower 48 United States. We are currently not able to offer international shipping on dance floors. Order Yours Today!

The 30″ × 48″ Perfect Portable Tap Floor is designed so that it is easily transported in any size vehicle. Just slide it behind your front seat or into your trunk. It’s your portable tap stage!

It features nearly 2 inches of shock-absorbing foam that will protect your joints from the impact of tap dancing. The vinyl backing can be ordered in a variety of colors and is guaranteed to make it easier for you to practice tap dancing anywhere.

Size: 30"x 48" (fits in compact cars!)
Weight: 18 lbs (easy to transport!)
Color: Black


Shipping info and Frequently Asked Quesitons about the Perfect Portable Tap Dance Floor

How long will it take me to receive my board after I order it?
Each order for a custom floor is usually processed within 24 hours and delivered to the customer via FedEx in approximately 7-10 business days. The floor is shipped directly from the manufacturer. Any DVDs that are ordered at the same time as a floor will ship from us separately and in most cases will arrive sooner than your floor.

What is your return policy?
Since each portable tap floor is custom designed for you, we do not accept returns. We will replace your portable tap floor if it arrives damaged or is lost in transit. Please review the dimensions and features of the floor very carefully before ordering to ensure that it works for
your situation. If there is a problem with your board, please notify us @
orders@tapdancemadeeasy.com within 7 days of receiving your shipment and we will make arrangements to rectify the situation.

Where do you deliver Portable Tap Floors?

Orders are currently shipped only to the 48 contiguous states in the U.S.A. We currently are not able to offer international delivery. We are working towards international delivery at some point in the future. Please join the email list so you can be immediately notified when this takes place!

What are the shipping costs for a floor?
Shipping is included in the price of each floor.

Why is the Portable Tap Floor not made completely of wood?

The foam bottom gives the floor some much needed spring that all good dance floors have, plus it keeps the board lightweight and easier to quickly pull out and put away. Additionally, the vinyl bottom prevents the board from scratching/damaging your floors, while also preventing the tap board from shifting and sliding.

Why doesn’t the Perfect Portable Tap Floor fold up?
By keeping the design simple, we are able to keep the cost much lower than a typical roll-up/portable dance floor of this quality. We have also ensured that this floor is safe for children of all ages while still being easily stored under a bed, in a closet, or even in the trunk of your vehicle.

Can the Portable Tap Floor attach to other floors to create a larger dance area?

This portable floor is not designed to act as an in-home dance studio. Instead, it is intended to create a small practice area that students of tap can use in the garage, in their room, in the living room while watching television, or anywhere else.


My new TAP board arrived yesterday. I LOVE it, and THANK you so much!!!! For years I have avoided practicing at home because of having no shock absorbency….and sometimes I was guilty of tapping on concrete. (yikes) But I am soooo happy to have the tap board, and it’s such a great idea, and works perfectly. I feel good about tapping knowing my shins won’t suffer, and I appreciate the fact I still get a tap sound and it’s not muffled. I love that it really is so lightweight and easy to transport around.
—Customer in Kentucky


Two of my dance group members bought the portable floors, and we used them in a performance at a local coffee house tonight. They were a great addition to the small stage, and they allowed us to spread out. (Lightweight, and easy to dance on.) I came home and ordered one for myself! Thanks!
—Customer in Colorado


Notes from Eli about the user guides:
“The user guides are not verbatim transcripts of the video—-they offer thoughts and suggestions not contained in the video. I took a lot of time creating each guide and am proud of the way they turned out. Each guide is approximately 25-30 pages. I feel that is a great supplement to the videos, and a great value.

The ebook format of the user guide allows me to quickly and easily email it to you after ordering, no shipping costs necessary. The guide is presented in .pdf format, a format that most computers can read. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free program, to view the User Guide.

The full color ebook is then yours to do with as you will…you can print it out and put it in a binder, or simply view it on your computer screen. Producing the guides in an electronic form helps us cut down on wasted paper, as many customers prefer to view their guides on-screen.

Click here for a sample page from the Vol 1 User Guide / Tap Glossary
Click here for a sample page from the Vol 2 User Guide / Tap Glossary
Click here for a sample page from the Vol 3 User Guide / Tap Glossary
Click here for a sample page from the Vol 4 DVD User Guide
Click here for a sample page from the Vol 5 DVD User Guide
Click here for a sample page from the Vol 6 DVD User Guide
Click here for a sample page from the PodClass DVD User Guide

Your user guides will be emailed out to you after your order is processed. Most of the time this will be within 24 hours of ordering."