Music from Tap Dance Made Easy (mp3s -- Instant Download zip file)

Music from Tap Dance Made Easy (mp3s -- Instant Download zip file)

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Created for both tap students and teachers, this album contains high-quality music tracks that were specifically composed or hand-selected as ideal tracks for tap dance learning and instruction.
It contains the same songs used on the Tap Dance Made Easy instructional DVD series & Video PodClass in an easy-to-use format.

Approx. run time: 74 minutes. mp3 format (zip file approx. 78mb), (c) 2008. Produced by: Eli Newsom. 

The album is divided into 2 sections: shorter songs, which are great to use for practicing the basics and center floor exercises, and longer songs, which are great for combinations or across the floor exercises.
All of the shorter songs will repeat, usually 4 times or so, within each track. This allows you to repeat or reverse the step without having to go restart the track from the beginning each time.


The two main rhythmic qualities found in music are both represented on this album: ‘straight’ (straight or even 8th notes) and ‘swing’ (dotted or swung 8th notes).
All songs have in intro, usually one count of eight, and tempos range between 80bpm and 170bpm.