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How is Tap Dance Made Easy DIFFERENT
than other dance/exercise videos?

Great for all ages:
Many videos out there are either for adults or kids. As our user feedback reflects, this video is great for all ages, old and young!!

Lose weight without even realizing it:
Join the many customers who have lost weight while working through the DVDs. Learning tap is so fun, you’ll be too busy enjoying yourself to realize you are also losing weight!! Check out our user reviews for real-life weight-loss stories!!

State of the art Video/Audio quality:
This DVD series was not transferred from an old VHS tape….it was shot using brand new, state of the art equipment, and proudly edited using Final Cut Pro on a brand-new Mac. As the user reviews describe, the video and audio quality are top notch!

“Learn a Proper Shuffle” — Sample clip from the Vol 1 DVD

Combines a classic American Style of Dance with state-of-the-art technology:
Tap Dancing is not a quickly passing fad—-it has been part of the U.S. culture for more than 100 years, and its popularity has spread throughout the world since then. Thanks to a region-free DVD format, customers around the world are enjoying this all-American form of dance!

DVD Menu Navigation:
No need to rewind/fast forward——jump directly to specific steps/exercises in the DVD using the easy-to-use DVD navigation menu!

More Afforadable:
Unlike some expensive dance/exercise videos out there on the market, you can own years of tap lessons on DVD for the mere cost of 2 tap classes!!

Special DVD features features that are not found on other dance/exercise videos:
(1) Dual-camera angle / split screen effect on every exercise throughout the video. Check out the video samples for more info.

(2) On-screen musical counts:
See an on-screen display of the musical counts. This feature allows you to learn the basics at a much faster rate than other videos!!

(3) ‘Music-only’ feature:
A special feature added to the Vol2 DVD, this function allows you to play through the DVD with no background tap sounds or comments. You’ll only hear the music—-once you’ve learned the steps you can use this feature to practice on your own and even make up your own tap steps!!