DVD Vol 3: Time Step Boot Camp

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“I created this DVD to feature one of the most famous and most requested types of tap steps, the Time Step. I have learned a bunch of Time Steps over the years, and this video will teach some of the most popular ones out there. Each style of Time Step will be taught in 3 versions, a Single, Double, and Triple (and in some cases, a Double Triple). All counts are clearly explained, as are simple rules that you can apply to make remembering them easier. Intermediate level.”
Region-Free DVD, NTSC format. Run time: approx. 70 minutes

Learn 4 main categories of Time Steps: ‘Shuffle’, ‘Stomp’, ‘Cramp Roll’, and ‘Traveling’. Learn the some of the most popular Time Steps in one video, including all the rules, counts, tips and techniques to make your Time Steps sound crisp and look sharp!
Time Step styles included in video: Shuffle, Stomp, Traveling, and Cramp Roll Time Steps.’
Difficulty Level: Beginning-Intermediate. Basic tap technique recommended.