TDME KIDS (DVD or Digital Version)

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Learn the tap dance 'alphabet' in a fun, clearly instructed video that includes basics, exercises, and a fun dance combination!   The video is structured into two Levels, each level is 30 minutes in length (both levels are included in this video!): 'Level 1' teaches the ultimate basics of tap dance, taught from the ground-up: steps, touches, stamps, shuffles, and more. 'Level 2' continues where Level 1 left off, and introduces more challenging steps such as creating groupings of the basic steps.  Each 30 minute class ends with a dance combination.   

(1) Region-Free DVD, NTSC format
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Included in this video:  

Steps taught in this video:

Level 1:  Dig Step, Step, Tap Walk, Toe Tap, Shuffle, Hop, Touch Touch Step, Stamp, Cramp Roll Slow, Combination
Level 2:  Step Heel, Shuffles, Shuffle Toe Tap, Shuffle Hop Step, Flap, Stomp, Paddles, Basic Buffalo, Cramp Roll, Combination Part 2

Recommended for Ages 6+

Difficulty Level: Absolute Beginner