What do most customers have to say about your video series?


Because of customer feedback and support our video series has grown to a whopping TWELVE titles over the past ten years.  The series of videos has received unanimous glowing reviews from customers all over the world (feel free to google 'tap dance made easy reviews'. We invite you to read some of our reviews by visiting the reviews page.

I don't have any rhythm. I barely know the difference between my right and left feet! Will I able to learn tap dancing?


Absolutely! This video series begins by assuming that you have had no Tap Dance experience whatsoever. A common problem with many dance videos on the market, in my opinion, is that the instructors in the videos tend to forget what it is truly like to be an 'absolute beginner'. You won't have this problem with Tap Dance Made Easy.
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I took tap classes when I was younger, but that was long ago. I'd like to start up again, but I'm very rusty. Would I benefit from your videos?


Many of our customers have previous tap experience but perhaps it has been many years. A common occurrence amongst our customers is that many of them actually come to realize that they had learned many of the basics incorrectly when they took classes. This video series will help you develop your technique, correct old problems, and will most likely teach you a new step or two!

I'm pretty solid with my shuffles and flaps. Will I be bored with these videos?


I hope not! If you would consider yourself more than a beginning tap student, I recommend starting with the Level 2: Intermediate level video and work forward from there. For the Level 2 video, your shuffles and flaps should be in great shape and faster tempos shouldn't worry you. :) You may also find that owning both videos is an ideal way to improve your overall technique--tighten up those basics with Level 1, and be more challenged with Level 2! We offer discounts on combo-packs, too (the more you buy, the more you save)! Additionally, a great feature of this video series is that you can select individual exercises to work on. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses when they tap dance--I urge you to focus on the particular steps that cause you problems, and that should keep you challenged!
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I like to learn with counts. I'm a very musical person and hearing the counts helps me. Will this video help me?


I hold a BA degree in music and pride myself in providing ACCURATE and COMPREHENSIVE musical counts for every step I teach!  So, the short answer is YES, this video is great for people who like to hear the counts out loud. 

I am currently taking a tap class. What will I get out of this video that I don't get in class?


First of all, it is GREAT that you are taking a live class. Receiving on the spot feedback is extremely valuable. Here's why I think you would benefit from this video: the typical tap class in the U.S. is about one hour long and occurs once a week. The videos, used in conjunction with your live classes, will help you improve at a much quicker rate, and you can use the video on your own schedule!
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I have carpet in my living room, but I'd like to use your videos if there is a way. Can you help me?


In addition to carpets, there are other 'floor issues' that many of my customers face, including, 'I have nice hardwood floors', 'I have tiles and I don't want to destroy them OR my knees!'. There are a few easy solutions to this issue:
(1) Purchase a home / portable dance floor. There are a handful of them on marketplace (google search!), but here is the one we strongly recommend: https://portabletapfloor.com
(2) Mobilize--Use your DVD in a mobile device / ipad / laptop and bring it to any place with a surface you can tap on! (garage, classroom, office, dance studio, etc).
(3) Use it on carpet anyways!--You can absolutely benefit from using these videos on carpet--in shoes or in socks! It's a great way to practice without worrying about making noise. Of course, the ideal setting is a surface on which you can hear your tap sounds, but carpet is just fine for developing your technique.

I'd like to view a sample before buying--do you have one that will give me a good idea of what to expect from the whole video?


Sure! I offer samples from each video: here.

I think I've mastered the Level 1 video and am ready to move on to the next level. Is there another video in this series that I should buy?


Yes, we offer several other videos, all of which you can sample here

I'm an adult in my 50's. Is this video for me, or is it too late to learn?


Over 50% of my students on both coasts have been ages 40+. This video is aimed at adults and kids alike. One of my students, age 53 at the time, lost 15 pounds in 6 months of taking tap classes with my once a week. Also, you can see from reviews that younger tappers are loving the DVD, as well! And on a personal note, I didn't start tap dancing until age 19.
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I don't live in the U.S.A.. Will this DVD work in my player?


Yes, it will! The DVDs are 'region-free' and will play in any player. The format of the discs is NTSC, which will play on over 95% of DVD players worldwide. The only players these DVDs will not play in are 'PAL' format players (very rare these days).

I'd like to take a live class with you. Are you currently teaching?


I currently reside in the NYC area, and occasionally offer private lessons in Manhattan. If you'd like more info, please drop me an eli@tapdancemadeeasy.com

How are the exercises on the videos presented?


First of all, each step is meticulously broken down for you and explained the process of creating the sounds, with an emphasis on correct body placement and accurate rhythm. Every step is taught and rehearsed with the Right and Left foot. Every exercise is presented at least 2 tempos: slow at first, then faster the second time through. Comments and helpful hints are given between each repetition. You can view a sample clip from each video

What tap steps are taught in the videos?


TDME Level 1: Basic includes:
Step, Touch, Step Heel, Ball Change, Hop / Leap, Hop Step, Shuffle, Shuffle Ball Change, Flap, Flap Ball Change, Stamp / Stomp, Paddle, Waltz Clog, Flap Shuffle Hop, Buffalo, a short Combination, and more!

TDME Level 2: Intermediate includes:
Shuffle warmup, Hop Shuffle, Carryback, Step Scuff Hop, Riffle, Back Flap, Rhythm Roll, Flam, Drawback, Buffalo exercise (fast), Military Step, 2 different speed steps, a short Combination--and a special bonus: 'Single Stomp Time Step' (sneak preview of TDME Vol 3: Time Step Boot Camp! Level 2 also features a 'music only' track where you can dance along to the DVD without background comments or tap sounds--it's a great feature for practicing on your own once you learn the steps!

TDME Vol 3: Time Step Boot Camp includes:
This new DVD will feature some of the most commonly requested Time Steps out there in the tap world. Included: Shuffle Time Steps, Stomp Time Steps, Traveling Time Steps, and Cramp Roll Time Steps. After learning the various Time Steps, you'll jump inside the dance studio for fun Time Step combinations and exercises.

TDME Vol 4: Cardio Workout includes:
Two 25 minute continuous cardio workouts: one Basic and one Intermediate. The Basic routine is comprised of basic tap steps such as ball changes, shuffles, flaps, that are incorporated a gentle, seamless workout. The Intermediate routine incorporates basic steps as well as more challenging steps such as buffaloes, time steps, pullbacks, and faster music tempos that result in a more vigorous workout.

TDME Vol 5: Soft Shoe includes:
Shuffle Warmup, Basic Essence, Essence with Flaps, Brush-Step Exercise, Tap-walk / Drawback Exercise, Carry-back / Waltz Clog Exercise, a full-length Soft Shoe Combination, and a bonus feature, 'paddle the day away' with a fun paddles exercise. 

TDME Vol 6: Advanced includes:
Fast tempo Warmups:
Hop shuffle (rolling shuffles), Double shuffle warmup, Pickup warmup; Advanced Essentials: Pullbacks, Wings, Rolling graboffs, Cincinnati (single/double/triple), Maxi-ford turn; Challenging Time Steps: Toe Tap Time Step, Fake Wing Time Step , Traveling Time Step; Full-length dance combination.

TDME 10th Anniversary Edition includes:
Step, Touch, Ball Change, Hop & Leap, Hop Step, Shuffle, Shuffle Ball Change, Flap, Flap Ball Change, Slap, Stamp & Stomp, Paddle, Waltz Clog, Shuffle Hop Step (Carryback), Flap Shuffle Hop Exercise, Buffalo, Single Shuffle Time Step, Combination 1, Combination 2

Where do I buy tap shoes? What kind should I buy?


There are several reputable tap shoe makers out there on the market, including Capezio, Bloch, and several others. Whatever brand you end up going with, I recommend going to a physical store to try them on first, if possible. Tap shoe sizing can vary from brand to brand, and your tap shoe size may not be the same size as your regular street shoe size. order TDME now!


I'd like to watch these videos on my ipad (or other mobile device)--can I?


YES!  ALL of our videos are available in both digital download and streaming versions.  All of our videos will play on most mobile devices!  Check out our digital download page for more info..