Streaming / Digital Download of Tap Dance Made Easy Vol 2: Intermediate (instant download)

  • $9.95

HOME LEARNING SPECIAL --- ALL STREAMING/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD TITLES JUST $9.95!  (special price does not apply to physical DVDs)

“Less focus on technique, and more just ‘doing steps’ and groupings of steps. Tempos are faster in this video. Also included in the video are a couple of speed steps, a short soft shoe combination, and a bonus clip of a Single Time Step.” DVD feature: ‘music only’ track—-dance along to each song without background taps or comments!

After purchase you will receive two links:

(1) A link to STREAM the video via a private youtube file (compatible with smart TVs, Apple TV, iPad, Android, Kindles, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc! 

(2) A link to DOWNLOAD the video file to your laptop/desktop. Quicktime compatible movie file (video size: 640 × 480, file type: .mov, download size: 1.3GB -- you will instantly be sent a link where you can download a .zip file containing the movie file). 
Requirements: Quicktime player or Quicktime compatible media player (such as the free VLC player). 

This is exactly the same content as the Vol 2: Intermediate DVD, but in a convenient standalone media file.  Run-time approx 85 minutes.


TDME Level 2: Intermediate includes:
Shuffle warmup, Hop Shuffle, Carryback, Step Scuff Hop, Riffle, Back Flap, Rhythm Roll, Flam, Drawback, Buffalo exercise (fast), Military Step, 2 different speed steps, a short combination——and a special bonus: ‘Single Stomp Time Step’ (sneak preview of TDME Vol 3: Time Step Boot Camp! Level 2 also features a ‘music only’ track where you can dance along to the DVD without background comments or tap sounds——it’s a great feature for practicing on your own once you learn the steps!