Tap Dance Made Easy Basic -- 10th Anniversary Special Edition (DVD or Digital Version)

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The 10th Anniversary Special Edition is an all-new video that pays tribute to our original foundation video with OVER 2 HOURS of brand-new footage of ALL of the tap essentials & exercises from our Vol 1 video, as well as NEW & IMPROVED FEATURES including TWO full dance combinations, improved lighting and video quality throughout, and on-screen helpful on-screen instructions, counts, footwork and hints. 

Three Sections of the video:
Learn Tap Essentials,
implement them into Exercises,
and learn Dance Combinations incorporating everything you've learned!

Special video features include:
Two camera angles: from the back, as if in a class, and from the side, showing a close-up of the instructor's feet.

On-screen hints: For you visual learners out there, the video continually provides accurate footwork descriptions, musical counts, and helpful hints to help solidify your technique!

Difficulty Level Absolute Beginning to Beginning

New & Improved lighting, sound, and on-screen features!!

TDME 10th Anniversary Edition (Beginning) includes:
Step, Touch, Ball Change, Hop & Leap, Hop Step, Shuffle, Shuffle Ball Change, Flap, Flap Ball Change, Slap, Stamp & Stomp, Paddle, Waltz Clog, Shuffle Hop Step (Carryback), Flap Shuffle Hop Exercise, Buffalo, Single Shuffle Time Step, Combination 1, Combination 2

Happy tapping!

SAMPLE FROM the 10th Anniversary Special Edition Video

more info:
Running Time: Approx 135 minutes  / Aspect 1.33:1 / NTSC/Color/Stereo  Created and Developed by Eli Newsom c 2015 Tap Dance Made Easy www.tapdancemadeeasy.com  Produced by Astigmatism Productions
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Requirements: for video download: Quicktime player or Quicktime compatible media player (such as the free VLC player).  Great for iPad, iPhone, Android and other portable devices!  (must be quicktime compatible). for Youtube link: internet access, web browser.

Run time: approx. 135 minutes. $19.95  (OR receive this video FREE with the purchase of a Deluxe Video 10-Pack!)

(1) Region-Free DVD, NTSC format
(2) Digital Version: you'll receive two links:  Instant Download (.mov format / link will be sent to you after purchase) AND Instant Streamling Link (Private Youtube link)

(OR PURCHASE BOTH the physical DVD and both Digital Versions for just $24.95!)


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