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This instructional video series is your guide to tap dance taught from the ground-up, in the comfort of your own home! Created for both non-dancers and dancers alike, TDME allows you to learn the basics of tap dance in a clearly instructed, easy-to-use video series. These videos provide you with the opportunity to learn the famous American dance tradition in a way never before seen in a dance video--feature-rich affordable videos, including split-screen camera angles and on-screen musical counts!


  • Anyone who has always been interested in learning about tap dance, but perhaps have been too shy, too busy, or have not had an opportunity to sign up for a live class.
  • Anyone who is looking to lose weight while having fun at the same time!!
  • Dancers / Actors / Performers who would like to develop a strong foundation of basic tap skills or improve their existing skills
  • Anyone who has ever thought: "I can't dance".

About the levels, from the instructor:

Vol 1: Basic
"Created for the beginning student with little to no experience, or to someone who has had tap before and would like a supplementary video to improve their technique. Just as advanced ballet dancers still take beginning classes from time to time, I recommend this video as a great tool to clarify and solidify your technique." retail price: $24.95. Region-Free DVD (or Digital Download .mov link/Streaming link)NTSC format. Run time: approx. 95 minutes.

Vol 2: Intermediate
"Less focus on technique, and more just ëdoing stepsí and groupings of steps. Tempos are faster in this video. Also included in the video are a couple of speed steps, a short soft shoe combination, and a bonus clip of a Single Time Step. DVD feature: 'music only' track--dance along to each song without background taps or comments!"
retail price: $24.95. Region-Free DVD (or Digital Download .mov link/Streaming link)NTSC format. Run time: approx. 85 minutes.

Vol 3: Time Step Boot Camp
I created this video to feature one of the most famous and most requested types of tap steps, the Time Step. I have learned a bunch of Time Steps over the years, and this video will teach some of the most popular ones out there. Each style of Time Step will be taught in 3 versions, a Single, Double, and Triple (and in some cases, a Double Triple). All counts are clearly explained, as are simple rules that you can apply to make remembering them easier. Intermediate level.  retail price: $24.95. Region-Free DVD (or Digital Download .mov link/Streaming link)NTSC format. Run time: approx. 70 minutes.

Vol 4: Cardio Workout
"This video was created for the beginning through intermediate tap student who is looking for a fun and challenging cardio workout.  Lose weight while actually having fun!"  Video contains one Basic and one Intermediate routine, and bonus features.  Beginning through Intermediate level.  Retail price: $24.95. Region-Free DVD (or Digital Download .mov link/Streaming link)NTSC format. Run time: approx. 80 minutes. 

Vol 5: Soft Shoe
"Characterized by a laid-back style and leisurely tempos, Soft-Shoe was originally danced with soft-soled shoes.  Nowadays, Soft-Shoe is often danced with tap shoes, but using soft-soled shoes with this video is fine, as well!"  Video contains soft-shoe foundation steps, exercises, and a fun 3+ minute routine incorporating all the steps taught on the video.  Beginning through intermediate level.  Retail price: $24.95. Region-Free DVD (or Digital Download .mov link/Streaming link)NTSC format. Run time: approx. 60 minutes. 

Video PodClass DVD: Best of Season 1 & 2
"This DVD is perfect for anyone who is familiar with basic tap dance technique and is looking for more essential tap steps to learn! We've selected some of our favorite clips from Season 1 of the PodClass to feature in a large-screen DVD format, including Warm-ups, Tap Essentials, Speed/Time Steps, and a Short Combination. As with all of our DVDs, each step is broken down using proper musical counts and rehearsed with both feet at various tempos."
$24.95. Region-Free DVDNTSC format. Run time: approx. 85 minutes.

If your goal is to gain a solid understanding of the basics of tap--whether you are a dancer, non-dancer, adult, kid, in-shape, out-of-shape, or somewhere in between--this is the DVD series that will help you reach that goal!


  • is clearly and slowly broken down and explained, with emphasis on correct body position and rhythm
  • is explained in accurate musical counts (including subdivision of the beats)
  • can be viewed from 2 angles at the same time (Vol1-3)
    • from the back (as if in a class)
    • from the side (close up of instructor's tap shoes)
  • Use both angles to help you improve your technique!
  • is repeated several times, with equal attention given to both feet
  • contains a visual display of the musical counts by using the subtitle feature on your DVD player (Vol 1 DVD only).
  • special feature--'music-only' track--dance to your own soundtrack without background sounds or talking (Vol 2 only)

Created for both tap students and teachers, this audio 74 minute CD (or downloadable mp3s) contains high-quality music tracks that were specifically composed or hand-selected as ideal tracks for tap dance learning and instruction.
It contains the same songs used on the Tap Dance Made Easy instructional video series & Video PodClass in an easy-to-use format.


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