Vol 2: Intermediate (DVD or Digital Version)

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“Less focus on technique, and more just ‘doing steps’ and groupings of steps. Tempos are faster in this video. Also included in the video are a couple of speed steps, a short soft shoe combination, and a bonus clip of a Single Time Step.” DVD feature: ‘music only’ track—-dance along to each song without background taps or comments!

(1) Region-Free DVD, NTSC format
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TDME Level 2: Intermediate includes:
Shuffle warmup, Hop Shuffle, Carryback, Step Scuff Hop, Riffle, Back Flap, Rhythm Roll, Flam, Drawback, Buffalo exercise (fast), Military Step, 2 different speed steps, a short combination——and a special bonus: ‘Single Stomp Time Step’ (sneak preview of TDME Vol 3: Time Step Boot Camp! Level 2 also features a ‘music only’ track where you can dance along to the DVD without background comments or tap sounds——it’s a great feature for practicing on your own once you learn the steps!