Streaming / Digital Download of Tap Dance Made Easy Vol 4: Cardio Workout (instant download)

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Lose weight while actually having fun with the newest DVD offering from the popular instructional series Tap Dance Made Easy. Introducing Tap Dance Made Easy Vol 4: Cardio Workout!


Two 25 minute continuous cardio workouts: one Basic and one Intermediate.

Difficulty Level: Beginning through Intermediate

After purchase you will receive two links:

(1) A link to STREAM the video via a private youtube file (compatible with smart TVs, Apple TV, iPad, Android, Kindles, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc! 

(2) A link to DOWNLOAD the video file to your laptop/desktop. Quicktime compatible movie file (video size: 640 × 480, file type: .mov, download size: 1.3GB -- you will instantly be sent a link where you can download a .zip file containing the movie file). 
Requirements: Quicktime player or Quicktime compatible media player (such as the free VLC player). 

The files are broken up into separate files for ease:  you will receive a zip file with 5 video files: (1) Intro, (2) Basic Routine (3) Intermediate Routine, (4) Basic Tutorial, and (5) Intermediate Tutorial.  This is so you can easily and quickly access exactly what you want!   Total video content run time: approx. 80 minutes.

Requirements: Quicktime player or Quicktime compatible media player (such as itunes/Quicktime or the free VLCplayer).  Great for iPad and other portable devices!  (must be quicktime compatible).

This is exactly the same content as the Vol 4 DVD, but in convenient standalone media files.


Tap shoes are recommended, but not required.

The Basic routine is comprised of basic tap steps such as ball changes, shuffles, flaps, that are incorporated a gentle, seamless workout.

The Intermediate routine incorporates basic steps as well as more challenging steps such as buffaloes, time steps, pullbacks, and faster music tempos that result in a more vigorous workout.

Knowledge of basic tap dance technique is suggested, which can be learned from the Tap Dance Made Easy DVD series Vols 1-3, or in a live class.
Each routine begins with a short stretching routine and ends with a cool-down.

Non-stop/continuous music for each routine.

Two camera angles (front angle and side angle) help you see the instructor’s feet as he dances the routines along with you.

Bonus feature: a step-by-step instructional breakdown of some of the transitions and sequences of each routine. This feature allows you to learn some of the trickier steps in the video out-of-tempo and hear helpful hints from the instructor. It’s a way you can work on your technique and then apply it in the context of your workout!