DVD Vol 5: Soft Shoe

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Our 2010 Release!

This DVD features some of the most famous steps from the "soft-shoe" style, danced to a swinging big-band soundtrack.  Characterized by a laid-back style and leisurely tempos, Soft-Shoe was originally danced with "soft-soled" shoes.  Nowadays, Soft-Shoe is often danced with tap shoes, but using soft-soled shoes with this video is fine, as well! 

Included in this DVD:
Shuffle Warmup
Basic Essence
Essence with Flaps
Brush-Step Exercise
Tap-walk / Drawback Exercise
Carry-back / Waltz Clog Exercise

Full-length soft-shoe combination:  This full-length soft-shoe combination is a 3+ minute routine utilizing soft-shoe foundation steps taught in the DVD, as well as other basic tap steps.  Danced to a big-band swing song, this combination is suitable to learn for live performance, or just for practicing in the comfort of your own home!

Bonus feature:  Paddles exercise--"Paddle the day away" practicing one of the steps most requested by Eli's students.

Tap shoes are recommended, but not required.  Knowledge of basic tap dance technique is suggested, which can be learned from the Tap Dance Made Easy DVD series Vols 1-3, or in a live class.

Two camera angles (front angle and side angle) help you see the instructor’s feet as he dances the routines along with you

Difficulty Level: Beginning through Intermediate


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