NEW! Digital Download of Tap Dance Made Easy: KIDS (instant download)

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Recommended for Ages 6+

Learn the tap dance 'alphabet' in a fun, clearly instructed video that includes basics, exercises, and a fun dance combination!   The video is structured into two Levels, each level is 30 minutes in length (both levels are included in this video!): 'Level 1' teaches the ultimate basics of tap dance, taught from the ground-up: steps, touches, stamps, shuffles, and more. 'Level 2' continues where Level 1 left off, and introduces more challenging steps such as creating groupings of the basic steps.  Each 30 minute class ends with a dance combination.  

Quicktime compatible movie file (video size: 640 × 480, file type: .mov, download size approx: 293MB -- you will instantly be sent a link where you can download a .zip file containing the movie file).).
Requirements: Quicktime player or Quicktime compatible media player (such as the free VLC player).  Great for iPad, iPod, iPhone, and other mobile devices!  (must be quicktime compatible).

This is exactly the same content as the KIDS DVD, but in a convenient standalone media file.

Steps taught in this video:

Level 1:  Dig Step, Step, Tap Walk, Toe Tap, Shuffle, Hop, Touch Touch Step, Stamp, Cramp Roll Slow, Combination
Level 2: 1. Step Heel, Shuffles, Shuffle Toe Tap, Shuffle Hop Step, Flap, Stomp, Paddles, Basic Buffalo, Cramp Roll, Combination Part 2

Recommended for Ages 6+

Difficulty Level: Absolute Beginner